RxGold™ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is RxGold™?

RxGold™ is an herbal supplement made from 100% naturally occuring ingredients which may improve males and females sexual desires and sexual drives. Men experience longer and firmer erections which enable them to engage in meaningful sexual activities.

How does it work?

RxGold™ uses ancient wisdom for good sexual health combined with 100% naturally occuring ingredients to increase blood flow to the erectile chambers thereby enabling harder, more frequent erections.

How long does it take to work?

It usually works within one hour. For best results, take RxGold™ on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating.

How long will it last?

Results varies as it is dependent on the age and health of the individual. While we recommend one capsule for one day, many of our customers tell us that they feel it for two or three days.

Is RxGold™ safe?

Yes. RxGold™ is the safest, most effective sexual enhancement product on the market, but like other sexual enhancement products, it will affect your blood pressure and as such we strongly recommend you consult with your doctor before usage.

What are the ingredients?

RxGold is a proprietary blend of naturally occuring ingredients including Siberian Ginseng, Red Date, Saffron Crocus, Snow Lotus and more. Click here for a description of each ingredient.

Is there anyone who should not take RxGold™?

If you are unsure about your health condition, please consult with your physician before taking RxGold™.

Is RxGold™ safe for: heart patients, high blood pressure sufferers, high cholesterol situations, diabetics?

RxGold™ is completely safe for those conditions, however we strongly recommend you consult your doctor before usage.

Does it work for women too?

Yes. Women love RxGold™, because it increases sexual desire and sexual drive.

Does it still work if you drink alcohol?

Yes, if alcohol consumption is not excessive. This product won't stop someone from passing out or any of the other effects of alcohol, but used in moderation, alcohol will not significantly impact RxGold™'s effectiveness. The product should however, be taken alone and preferrably on an empty stomach at least thirty minutes before food and/or alcohol consumption.

What if I didn't respond to the first dose?

Industry-wide, with sexual enhancement products, 20% of the population will not respond at all to any given product.

The statistics on RxGold™ are much better with 10% not responding to their 1st dose. However, with a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th dose spread over as many days, only 3% still had an unfavorable response to RxGold™.

What if I have erectile or other health problems?

A 2nd, 3rd, or 4th dose may be necessary to produce a positive response. However, once the initial response is produced, further dosage and results should be the same as that of a healthy person. Please try 2 or 3 doses spread out over 2-5 days to produce the first favorable response if necessary.

What if I am already taking drugs for erectile dysfunction?

You may need to stop taking the drugs and then follow the above directions as the body may need a few days to clear itself of the drugs before RxGold™ will be its most effective. This is not true for everyone, some who are currently taking these drugs may respond extremely well to the first dosage; however, we still recommend that you stop taking sexual enhancement drugs before taking RxGold™.

How long have you been selling RxGold

We started in 2010 on the recommendation of a few of our customers who wanted a 100% natural sexual enhancement product at an affordable price.